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mFabrik In-Flight Tablet, mIFT, is a rentable or borrowable handheld tablet-based entertainment system for aircraft cabin use. It is available via selected airlines only.

The entertainment content consists of

feature films,

music albums,

news papers and magazines,

computer games, and

airline's own promotional material, such as in-flight product catalogues.

mIFT product components

The mIFT system requirement is a broadband internet-connection and a wireless WiFi-network in the area where the tablets are charged on the ground. We recommend use of specific USB-docking stations for charging.

mIFT tablets

delivered in different hardware configurations and on Android OS. Contains always mIFT software and the required OS modifications for entertainment use.

mIFT content management system

delivered from the cloud, and has not other user requirements than an internet browser.

Commercial benefits

The Best choice for your airline

mIFT is a remarkably less expensive alternative to integrated entertainment systems which require modifications.

The system uses regular consumer-class tablets, which do not contain expensive special parts. mIFT modifies the operating system and installs its applications on the tablets and makes minor modifications to the hardware. Adoption and use of mIFT does not require any special actions in terms of EASA-regulations.

Besides offering it as a complementary service, mIFT can be offered as a rental service to the passanger. Renting the tablets can be handled by the cabin crew using the existing payment mechanisms. This makes leasing easy for the passangers and does not incur extra costs to the airline.

Content management is cost-effective and can be outsourced, if the airline has opted for that strategy. The content management process is handled completely by browser-based tools and it does not require any special skills.

Use of mIFT makes it possible to discard all paper-based in-flight catalogues and news papers together with the logistics associated with them. This means extensive cost savings.

mIFT produces accurate usage statics on the tablet use to the airline.

Technology and content

The mIFT tablets are available in different hardware configurations.

The devices can be chosen with:

7.0" - 12.2" displays,

8 - 32 GB of RAM, and optionally with a 64 GB memory card.

The battery lifetime varies between 8 to 12 hours on one charge. The tables use Android operating system.

When the tablets are plugged in for charging, it triggers automatically content update from the mIFT servers via the local WiFi network.

The operational status of the tablets is monitored and managed by a special separate device management system. The device management tells if there are broken or missing tables, and the airline's ground service company can easily replace any failing or missing devices.

The system updates the tables automatically between the flights.

The airline can choose effortlessly with the system's online tools what kind of content the system uploads to the tablets.

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